Conference Catering Simplified

Conference catering need not be complicated or boring any longer. While sack lunches to include soggy sandwiches, a fun size bag of potato chips, and a measly cookie may ring a bell from catered large events in the past, these days Busy Bee Catering offers so much more for you and your crowd. Stunning buffets (while still fairly simple) can delight your attendees, no matter how many hungry professionals swarm the table, as can homemade and healthy boxed lunches with a fresh and delicious flair. Busy Bee Catering can bring your brand to the buffet with company colors, props and signage. Show off you identity in a delicious way!



When it comes to the buffet at a professional corporate conference, there are typically two types of guests: those who stick straight to the salad bar options and those who do not. With roughly fifty percent of attendees opting for lighter fare, it’s important to intrigue their appetites. All of our salads are made fresh to order. And, beyond a basic green salad, consider offering a few options that are slightly more substantial, while still fitting into the less than heavy and vegetable friendly salad category. We can provide your guests with a Cobb Salad Bar. This is a delight for guests, as lots of choices that make a Cobb one that is loved by all. It’s perfect for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. A Grilled Vegetable Salad with a delicious Balsamic Vinaigrette, a Classic Ceasar, or either a Pea Salad with Bacon or Broccoli Salad with Bacon are exciting and enticing options. And to add a little extra bulk to the matter, you may consider an Orzo Salad with Roasted Vegetables and Feta, a Pesto Pea Pasta Salad with Parmesan, or even an Elegant Rice Salad. With several from which to choose, guests can load up their salad plates galore.



While there are those who will stick to the salads, there is also the other half of the crowd who is hungry – ravenous – for something more substantial. A great idea is to offer “themed” entrée bars. Rather than a mish mash of different offerings, keep it simple: a Sandwich Bar with a few different varieties to include meat and cheese and vegan and vegetarian options; a Taco Bar – everyone loves Tacos – especially on Tuesdays; a Soup and Chili Bar – this is a particularly great option for the colder, drearier winter months in the Pacific Northwest; and even a Baked Potato Bar! Think beyond a plain russet potato loaded with sour cream and cheese – we can do sweet potatoes, nuts, veggies galore, shredded meat, and even bacon bits, of course!



So, what is a meal without dessert? It’s not really a meal, if we at Busy Bee Catering were to interject. Make sure to offer your guests something great to get them through the afternoon stretch. Something sweet. Dessert bars, cookies, and even individual cake slices are all easy and simple options that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. There’s always room for dessert!


Boxed Lunches

Are you still convinced boxed lunches are the way to go? Let us delight you and your attendees with fresh, homemade, generously sized sandwiches and wraps, indulgent and healthy sides, as well as a little sweet treat! We get lots of comments on our boxed lunches… and the freshly baked cookies as an extra treat for later.




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