Tips for Picking the Best Florist

Your flower selection can, and most likely will be, one of the most important components of your event! The flowers set the scene, establish the theme, and truly show off your personal style and personality. Make sure to follow these tips and ask these questions in order to find and pick the very best florist for your next event!

Establish Your Style
Much of the time you know exactly what you want when it comes to the look and the feel of your flowers. Other times, you’re readily open to new ideas. In either case, spend some time looking through catalogs (bridal, gardening, homestyle) in order to establish the type of arrangements and bouquets you most desire. Then, ask your potential florists about the styles in which they specialize. Sometimes certain shops focus on traditional arrangements, or modern, or even rustic décor. The key is to be sure the florist you choose can accommodate what you want, or even displays that style as “their own.”

Determine Your Needs
Depending on you and your vision of your event, you may need less of a floral service or more. Do you need arrangements set at every table of the reception, including the drink and buffet tables, or would you prefer candles? Do you want floral décor at the ceremony or event site, including on the ends of seating rows and other furniture? Do you want the entire bridal or event party to don gorgeous blooms, just corsages, or nothing at all? How do you envision your bouquet (or the main event) – is it small and standard or a cascade of fancy flowers? Breakdown your ideas for the florist and make sure to ask if the shop is able to accommodate everything you want. Don’t forget about the importance of great greenery for style and texture, as well.

Create a Budget
Once you have an idea of the type of floral arrangements and displays you want, including the specific types of flowers, dive into your overall event budget and determine what you can set aside for flowers. Keep in mind that the flowers are often the core of the event and the selection and display is highly important to those who are visually driven. And, at the same time, those gorgeous vases and fresh cut blooms come at a cost – so be realistic in your decision-making process.

Establish a Schedule
Make sure the flowers you’re wanting will be available from this florist at the time of year of your event, and also make sure the shop can fit you into their schedule! You want to be the most important event on their calendar when the day arrives.

Find Recommendations
Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement, as well as flattery for a vendor or shop. It’s also the very best way you, as a customer, can find the very the cream of the crop! Ask around to people whom you trust, other vendors you’re using, and don’t be shy about obtaining honest reviews. You can certainly look online for reviews, but also ask around to the local people you know, and see who they recommend. We, at Busy Bee Catering, love to work with Lora at Sophisticated Floral. She does beautiful work, offers a multitude of flowers and design options, and is all around exquisite.

Make sure you follow these tips in order to select the very best florist for your event!

And, consider sharing the beauty of your wedding day by having a friend or family member deliver arrangements after the event to nursing homes or somewhere they can be further enjoyed.


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