Hacks to Make Party Cleanup a Cinch

The glitter, the glam, the empty glasses; theparty favors lay on thefloor after the party. The eventwas a blast, but all the fun is not over yet –now it’s time for the after-party: it’s time to cleanup after the party.While this task can seem like the downer of the party, it doesn’t have to be with these simple hacks to make party cleanup a cinch!

Plan Your Attack
Before you begin, assess the situation, the afterparty, and any immediate messes or concerns that need to be addressed. Spills here. Stains there. Lost and found items over there…make a mental map of what lies ahead and what needs to be done. This first step of organization will help you to feel more in control as you go.

Clean in Waves
Cleanup isn’t necessarily a race, but you can treat the task that way in terms of how you tackle it: approach it in waves. Start with the big stuff first, take a second sweep, and then a third. In your first go-around, carry with you a garbage bag or can and begin tossing the obvious items, such as empty plates and cups, napkins, and various other types of waste. If you’re using non-disposable dinnerware and flatware, you may need to make four rounds, the first being clearing the dishes to the kitchen or wherever they will be going for cleaning. Once the waste is clear, it’s time to pack up and move out furniture. This could mean packing away or stacking folding chairs and it can also mean moving house furniture out of the way in order to deep clean. Finally, the last task, once all the clutter is clear, is to sweep and mop. Carry a soft cloth and a spray cleaning solution with you and spot clean any areas that need it. Wipe the counters, Swiffer the corners, and mop that dancefloor! Now you’re ready to roll!

Recruit Help

This may have been your big event, but you don’t have to do it all alone. There are plenty of folks who are often willing to stay a while after the party to help with cleanup. You donate your heart for the party, and they are happy to reciprocate and donate their time. Once you have a few helpers, designate each person to a task: trash, sweeping, stacking, etc. And don’t forget, your event/wedding coordinator can be worth their weight in gold. Make sure they are responsible forthe main set-up and are the last around for the final clean up. Busy Bee Catering does as much as possible to get the site in order when we leave, as well.

Donate Flowers and Décor
So, those folks who you just managed to convince to help you clean up after the party, consider donating the leftover centerpieces, flowers, and décor to their helping hands! Often times there are just too many petals and pomp to keep for your own enjoyment, and it’s fun to share the splendor. If you still have decorative items leftover after passing them out to your help, drop them off to a local senior center or hospital to spread the cheer.

Thus, create your own afterparty cleanup and whip your space into shape in no time with these little tricks. Let us help you plan your clean up strategy!


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