Event Planning

Hacks to Make Party Cleanup a Cinch

The glitter, the glam, the empty glasses; theparty favors lay on thefloor after the party. The eventwas a blast, but all the fun is not over yet –now it’s time for the after-party: it’s time to cleanup after the party.While this task can seem like the downer of the party, it doesn’t have to be…

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The Best Event Planning Timeline

Planning an event successfully requires careful calculation of timeand resources. Most timelines for larger eventsbegin at least six months before the event date. Regardless of the size of your festivity, it’s best to begin preparing early. Follow this general timeline and keep an eye on your key milestones to ensure your event plays out without…

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Event Locations: How to Pick the Best One!

Finding the Perfect Venue  for your event can be a daunting task. These days, there are so many different options available. From urban-chic settings with lots of glamour, to countryside settings, or even to parties on the beach, determining the exact location, ideal for the theme of your event, is essential. Some of your options…

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Key People: How to Assemble the Best Team Ever

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As with most things in life, when it comes to event planning, you’re never alone. You have a group of people working together with you, planning, scheduling, executing, and supporting. And, it’s important that all members of the team work well together. So, who do you want to be working with you and who do…

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How to Plan Your Wedding with Ease

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If you’re going to dream, dream big!  Afterall, your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s your special day and you’ll remember it for eternity and forever. So, making sure the day is nothing short of perfection and planning for the best is essential, just like anything in life. In all our wildest…

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